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 Hearing Aid Accessories and Batteries Kolkata -SHROBONEE


   Standard Accessories Offer



General Offer

We provide all standard accessories with all tools kit provided by manufacturers,  like : de-humidifier box, ear tip, battery picker, hearing aid brush, wax remover etc . Besides that in all cases -

Body Worn Haring Aid - we provide one extra cord, one extra cell, one ear tip etc free of cost

Behind The Ear (B.T.E) Hearing Aid - we provide two pcs cell, ear mould (ear tip) etc free of cost.

Canal Hearing Aid (C.I.C) - we provide 2 pcs  standard cell, wax gurd, wax remover tools at free of cost.


Special Offer - If any provided by the manufacturer then it will be given to all during offer period.


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