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 Discount price of hearing aid Kolkata | SHROBONEE


   Discount Offer



Our views

We offer actual prices  for all brands. So, you do not require any discount offer as we think that this may hamper our services for you. Please co-operate with us and get your choice from a huge stock. Accept our tools offer provided for all hearing aids and your suggestion in this regard is highly appreciated.

But for any repeat purchase for any brands then 10% flat discount will be provided to all those who are already user of any hearing aid(s) brand {* condition apply}.

For more call us at 91 33 2555 3349, 91 9830074043

Warning : Discount is an old concept. In some cases you may win and in other cases you may loose a lot. Please don't draw your luck. As you are buying medical equipments- you better to follow technical details provided by the manufacturers and general discount rules of the organisation already applied.


N:B: If any special discount given by manufacturer at any period for their product promotion scheme then it will also be provided to the purchaser.


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