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   Analog and Digital hearing aids technologies



Analog Hearing Aids

Analog hearing aids amplify all sounds according to user needs. In this type of hearing aid amplify both speech and surrounding noise simultaneously. Hence in noisy environment are user cant differentiate speech properly. But in quiet environment it is somehow manageable to discriminate speech as noise is less in that place. Analog hearing aid technology is a development of post electrical hearing aid. And used widely before twentieth century.

Analog hearing aid have three main parts :

  • Microphone : used to receive sound wave.
  • Amplifier : analog amplifier used to amplify sound received by microphone.
  • Receiver : amplified sound passed by receiver to the ear through a tiny tip or ear tube.
  • All parts are covered inside a cabinet along with two control units. One is Switch to set on or off the instrument. Another is Volume Control to control output sound as per user requirement. This type of hearing aid is also known as conventional hearing aid.

    Three types of hearing aids models are developed as analog hearing aid. Body Worn type popularly known as Pocket hearing aid. Behind The Ear or BTE hearing aid. In The Canal or ITC / CIC hearing aid.

    analog body worn pocket hearing aid Analog Pocket hearing aidresound 793u analog hearing aid Analog BTE hearing aid

    Digital Hearing Aids

    Hearing aid prices and models for children, child in Kolkata-SHROBONEE
    Diagram of Digital Signal Processing
    digital hearing aids hearing aids
    Picture Of Digital Hearing Aid


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