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Sl. Nos.DesignationsPosted At:
1.Sr.Advisor (Admin)9B, Mohan Lal St
2.Manager(Div.)4C, Charu Ave
3.Manager(Div.)86/1,B.T.Road Br.Office
4.Manager(Div.)9B, Mohan Lal St
5.Manager (Purchase)86/1,B.T.Road Br.Office
6.Manager (Accounts)9B, Mohan Lal St
6a.Sr. Audiologist (Mentor)86/1, B.T.Road
7.Manager (Chief Audiologist)86/1, B.T.Road
8.Manager (Marketing)9B, Mohan Lal St
9. Manager (Jr.Audiologist) 4C, Charu Ave
10.Sr.Audiologist4C, Charu Ave
11. Sr.Audiologist86/1, B.T.Road
12. Sr.Audiologist86/1, B.T.Road
13. Sr.Audiologist9B, Mohan Lal Street
14. Jr.Audiologist9B, Mohan Lal St
15. Jr.AudiologistAsansol & Raghunathpur
16. Jr.AudiologistTamluk
17. Jr.AudiologistBongaon
18. Jr.AudiologistKatwa
19.Executive (Operations)9B, Mohan Lal St
20.Executive (Accounts)4C, Charu Ave
21.Front Office Executive4C, Charu Ave
22.Executive (Marketing)9B, Mohan Lal St
23.Executive (Marketing)9B, Mohan Lal St
24.Executive (Inventory)9B, Mohan Lal St
25.Front Office Executive9B, Mohan Lal St
26.Front Office Executive9B, Mohan Lal St
27.9B, Mohan Lal St
28.9B, Mohan Lal St
29.Sr. ExecutiveHowrah
30.Sr. ExecutiveBongaon
31.Sr. Executive (Maintenance)9B, Mohan Lal St
32.Sr. ExecutiveKatwa
33.Sr. Executive (Marketing)4C, Charu Ave
34.Sr. ExecutiveRampurhat
36.Sr. ExecutiveKatwa
37.Executive (Security)9B, Mohan Lal St
38.Executive (Security)86/1,B.T.Road Br.Office
39.Executive (Security)4C, Charu Ave
40.Executive (Security)9B, Mohan Lal St
41.Executive (Marketing)9B, Mohan Lal St



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